How much space does a Kalea home lift need?

Kalea home lifts come in 11 different sizes to choose from. Our smallest occupies a total area of 1200 x 993 mm, with an available platform space of 800 x 830 mm, making it our most space-saving solution. Contact us to learn more about all our sizes and pick the one that’s right for you!

Does a Kalea home lift need a pit?

Kalea home lifts only need a pit of 60 mm, instead of heavy and deep pits cutting into the foundations. As of such, it is perfect for home installations as it does not affect the building and causes no risk to existing insurance policies.

How much capacity does a Kalea home lift need? How much power does it need?

Kalea home lifts come in three models, each with a different capacity. Our Small model lifts 300 kgs, Medium lifts 400 kgs, and our Large lifts 500 kgs. Kalea home lifts require 2200 watts of power, for which normal home 220V usually suffices.

Is a Kalea home lift safe? What safety standards does it fall under?

Kalea lifts all follow the extremely strict European home lift safety standards, falling under the EU Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, which limits the speed at 0.15 m/s to ensure safe operations, as well as all Chinese safety standards for screw-drive home lifts.

Where are Kalea home lifts manufactured?

All Kalea home lifts are produced in our factory in Gävle, Sweden. All elevators sold by Kalea in Thailand are produced in that factory and directly imported from Sweden.

Why are Kalea home lifts cheaper than most imported elevator brands?

Kalea home lifts come from a very standardized production line with very little customization. Because every part is standardized, we are able to achieve significant cost savings that we pass on to our consumers! While customization is still possible (e.g. adding glass panels or changing the color) they tend to be expensive as most of our customers do not use them.

How long does it take to install a Kalea home lift?

The installation time depends on the height of the lift, but generally takes between 3 and 7 days.

Easy To Fit In Tight Spaces


High Space Utilization For 3-4 People


Large Capacity For 4-6 People


An Open Style Lift Limited To 3 Meters



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